Bhoramdeo is situated in the rural heartland of central India, home to indigenous tribes and a rich wildlife offering a very rustic, rural and real insite into this beautiful region. Close byis the 7th – 11th century Bhoramdeo temple complex with beautiful carvings and a lotus filled lake that draws worshippers for morning and evening puja when the air is filled with the smell of incense and the sound of chanting. The hills beyond are home to a rich bird life and guided walks from the lodge offering sightings of the paradise flycatcher, scarlet minivet, collared scops owl, golden oriel and red crested pochard among others. Wildlife species that have been observed in the area include the wolf, nilgai, dhole, hyena, leopard, porcupine, jungle cat – and even tigers. Accommodation is in simple but airy, comfortable traditionally built rooms, with ensuite bathrooms and shady verandas overlooking the garden