So many people dream of sampling proper Indian food whilst in India but truth be told, there is no simple thing as an Indian curry. Every state, depending on what was historically available developed it’s own cuisine and it is as varied as the states themselves. Rice is readily available in Kerala and West Bengal, wheat in the more arid states, gives rise to the wonderful breads that you will sample. The different oils and spices make a difference to the base flavours, some places are vegetarian, some ‘non veg’ and in some states, they do eat beef. Seasons always bring change too and no season is more looked forward to in India than Mango season, now that is a time to travel!

You can’t avoid delicious food wherever you go in India but if you would like to learn more about it, then we can arrange a half day cooking experience for you, take you to fruit, vegetable and spice markets to see what’s available and show you how to bargain Indian style. Alternatively, we can arrange an itinerary for you based around different cuisines of different regions. India now also has some fantastic fusion restaurants for dining out in and we can recommend some of these for you to try too.

We can arrange culinary experiences in many different destinations, cookery demonstrations can be arranged in most locations and meals at home with local families too, but to really experience what the local food is all about we recommend one of our street food walks in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai or Lucknow.