Dev shree (A Destination Hotel, Deogarh)

Dev Shree luxury homestay in Deogarh, Rajasthan has the advantage of being a newly built home, but with traditional Rajasthan architecture and character. In the words of one of the guests “gone is the musty, dusty feel so often associated with traditional rural properties.´ In addition it is situated in a rural location, on the edge of the Ragho Sagar Lake with the Gokul Fort at its far end, perched on a hill.  The large verandahs overlook the lawn  which stretches out to the water infusing a sense of calm.  The lake plays host to a large variety of migratory birds in the winter- welcome visitors! This is the perfect place to spend a couple of nights to detox from the chaos of Rajasthan’s cities and to have the unique hospitality of two of India’s most gracious hosts, who will delight you with stories of living in the region and are happy to answer any questions on this unfamiliar culture that you may have. It is a wonderful way to visit off beat Rajasthan and explore this tiny town, enjoy walks at sundown and sit around the campfire chatting to the family.

A fun experience whilst there is the Phulad to Khamblighat journey by a local train across the Aravalli range. This is a narrow-gauge rail track built by the British and now only used by locals.  The scenery is extraordinary as you cross Viaducts and cut through small tunnels and gaze out onto true Rajasthan countryside. The locals are as fascinated by you as you are by them and at one point, monkeys hop on board hoping for a treat of biscuits. A great fun way to spend a couple of hours.