Sanjay was brought up in London, his parents came to the UK in the 60's typical of many of that time seeking a better way of life – India seemed and was a far off planet which felt very alien to me and apart from the third time `{`aged 10 `}`I was always glad to leave the place as it was very intense and seemed very backward having no no idea of the amazing history, scenic beauty and charm that India had and has in vast quantities.
He fell in love with India in his second year of university with a visit to Delhi and Jammu for a family wedding after a 10 year hiatus. Having been 3 times previous including a visit to Kashmir in the midst of winter but somehow I was a bit to young in the 70's to really grasp how wonderful this land was till that trip in 1991. It was a trip that changed the course of his life forever with a stints in the USA on a Work America programme. A 2 year 'work my way ' around the world trip doing everything from Cherry picking , working in a ski resort in OZ, selling white goods in Santa Monica and dive trips in the Whitsunday' and a yearly 4 month break over the winter where he slow traveled a region of the world.
However, it was India that completely stole his heart somewhere in his 20's and from that period on he was organising India holiday's for his friends.

What followed was a period with STA in London then with Global Village learning about other regions in the world but it was Asia that completely engulfed him and 5 years ago set about building Bespoke India Travel and aspiring to deliver a first class tailored product with local experiences which he felt was fast being lost by the bigger operators .
With his attention to detail information that he demands for each client from ground operations in India he is committed that no matter how large or small the tour – the experience really must be the very best in service, hospitality and experience.
Sanjay regularly travels to India well-frequented as well as obscure regions decoding the country, culture and food and seeking to view them from a different perception.

Meera was born in Amritsar in the north west of India and traveled extensively in the northern Himalayan region with her family. Her father was a Professor of Music and composer and with her mother a Director of education, studying was important but she had a talent for singing which led her and her brother to singing to audiences of 2000 plus an appearance on TV.
She studied at the prestigious NIFT `{`National Institute of Fashion Technology`}` in Calcutta before following Sanjay into the travel Industry. Its Meera's invaluable textile knowledge and great industry contacts that she worlds with to create our excellent textile trips all over the country.
It was in Calcutta that she started to develop a love for other parts of the country like West Bengal , Assam and Sikkim which at the time were completely off the tourist radar .
Meera's travel favourites firmly include the fantastic Northern India and Rajasthan area with its array of colours and cultures, with the South being a close second especially the immersive holidays that she creates for Kerala and Karnataka – she is also our Spa and wellness expert visiting regularly the countries very best in Ayurveda and Yoga.
Angelika Seidl
Head of Social Media
I am originally from Austria and studied, lived and worked in France for many years. After quitting my job as International Marketing Manager for a European tour operator, I discovered India for the first time on my first Round-the-World trip.
Inspired by the Movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, I started experiencing India through an Ashram stay, and my love and fascination for India, its people and spiritual wisdoms grew further each year with regular visits, travels and yoga in this diverse country.
I have been travelling and living in various countries around the globe ever since and knows India and South East Asia well, returning regularly. Through my experiences and interest in sustainability and a better future for our Earth, I also feel called to bring ever more sustainable and responsible aspects for the environment and the local community into the travel industry.
My passion is to help bring people to India and Sri Lanka through Bespoke India and Sri Lanka Travel, on well-organised, safe and breathtakingly beautiful trips.
Sr.Travel Advisor
With the lifelong love for travel, I have been lucky to have travelled throughout Sri Lanka, Bali and Australia quite extensively.
Before starting my career in the travel industry, whilst studying tourism & hospitality management at Australian College of Business and Technology, I managed to make the most of my spare time in travelling across the length and breadth of the country.
Despite having visited all of these amazing destinations, I keep coming back to my home town-Negombo and particularly known for it's beautiful beaches and fresh seafood!
I spend most of my weekends away with my husband driving to hidden gems of Sri Lanka ( yet to be discovered by mass tourism), getting to know stories from the locals which in turn gives me a more in-depth understanding and knowledge of the culture, cuisine, wildlife and much more.
Now, I’m excited to be able to share my passion for this amazing country and help our guests plan their own adventures.
Sr.Travel Advisor
With 14 years of travel industry experience, I would proudly say that it is a big part of me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels across Europe, Singapore, Cuba, China, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and India.
As an India Specialist, I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout the country, where I was born ; my experiences have ranged from hill trekking in the Himalayas in the North to immersing myself in the backwaters of Kerala in the south. From meeting the tribes in the east to doing the road trek through Rajasthan in the west.
I now get to share such insights and love of the region with our guests every day to make their dream trips a reality.

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