Beach, Spa and Wellness

India is famous for Ayurveda, a practice of health and wellbeing that has been around for centuries, it is natural and therapeutic and treats the cause of the problem and not the effect. It originates from Kerala, where all the medicinal plants were readily available and traditionally the best time of year for this is during the monsoon season. However, now there are resorts available throughout the country and treatments are available all year round. It can be used for specific ailments or for rejuvenation packages and even weight loss though the minimum recommended time for a course of treatment is 10 days up to 28 days.  Many of the beach resorts in Goa and Kerala offer spa facilities and ayurvedic centres where one can try an ayurvedic massage without taking a full treatment.

There are also more International style spa’s in India which offer a range of global treatments and where you can determine how many days you would like to be pampered.

Yoga and meditation are also popular in India, it is after all, the birthplace of yoga.  This is available from as little as a one-hour session before breakfast to specific yoga holidays, these can be include stays in simple ashrams to fabulous five star hotels.  However, you would like to practice yoga, from a beginner’s lesson to an instructor training program, it is possible in India.

Of course, some people would just like to have a few days on the beach at the end of a longer trip around the country and both Kerala and Goa have a fabulous array of opportunities for this ranging from charming homestays, private villas to five-star hotels.