Ahh, the wind in your hair, the feel good factor of doing some exercise and learning how to dodge a cow in the road! Various destinations are now offering early morning cycling tours which are a great way to see the various cities as they are waking up, see the daily rituals, the flowers arriving at market, the milkmen delivering the urns, the temple bells ringing, blocks of ice being delivered and much much more, and all be fore the chaos of the day begins. Stop off to try some local street food and call in at the small temples you see on your way. A cycle tour is a great way to learn a lot about the local culture.

If you would like to do more than a morning on two wheels, then we can also arrange a cycle tour for you from 03 – 18 days, coast to coast in Kerala or discovering the back roads and villages of Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan.

Morning city cycling tours can be arranged in the following locations:

Delhi – a choice of Lutyens Delhi, it leafy wide streets and open parks, or Old Delhi for a glimpse into a completely different almost medieval world!

Jaipur – A cycle ride around the city to see it waking up in the early morning, see the flowers and ice and milk being delivered and the morning puja’s to start the day. Or take a cycle ride out to Naila, a miniature version of Jaipur just 18kms away.

Agra – Explore another side of Agra, away from the hoards of tourists that flock to the Taj Mahal. Cycle through quiet villages, meet wonderfully warm locals, share a cup of tea with them, visit locals schools and wander through beautiful fields of wheat and corn. Most importantly see the Taj Mahal from different and crowd free vantage points.

Udaipur – Surrounded by hills and lakes and much less hectic than the other cities, a cycle tour around Udaipur takes you to visit some of the less well known lakes and witness  village life as you go.

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