Colours and patterns, designs and fabrics did you know that India is the second largest producer of textiles in the world? From pure cotton to woollens to the finest silks, block printing to embroidery, unique weaves and designs from tribal to the most intricate batik, India’s textiles are as varied as her food and as her regions. From Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh to Himachal to Rajasthan, Kerala and beyond, to discover India’s textiles is to take a journey through the it’s multi-varied cultural influences.

The textures, colours, patterns, mediums reflect regions, communities, histories and geographies that ultimately shaped them and therefore the textiles each region produced. A journey into India’s textiles is also a journey into India, her history, topography, culture, people and stories. From a half day block printing experience in Jaipur to a comprehensive tour meeting the local artisans, and if you would like, working alongside these artists whose skills have been passed down through the generations, we can curate a textile experience uniquely for you.