Satpura National Park

Satpura is a wonderful park in Madhya Pradesh. Until five years ago it remained virtually unknown and even now has only three lodges. A wildlife experience here is like going back to Kanha and Bandhavgarh twenty years ago.  The main park is surrounded on three sides by water which has protected its forest from being decimated by the villagers, ensuring that its woodland and therefore the wildlife of the area has remained pristine.

Being that the villagers live at one with the forest and that there are few lodges here, the buffer zone is also healthy and houses a wide variety of animals, it is not uncommon for leopard and wild dog to be seen at the edge of the lodge grounds. Now that the naturalists are getting to know the park and the animal territories a lot better, tiger sightings are definitely improving but wild dog, leopard and bear sightings are wonderful. It is also the only park in India where canoeing, boating and elephant safaris are possible as well as walking safaris through the core area. It is also possible to enjoy a 2 night 3 day trek through the buffer zone of the forest to the old hill station of Pachmarhi. This is an excellent way to be at one with nature in an unspoilt forest and to experience India’s varied bird life.