Chanoud Garh

Intensely personal and engaging, the family of Chanoud Garh welcome you into their family home. They have kept the renovations small and personal and have just ten suites meaning that they are able to give the attention to detail and hospitality that Rajasthan is so famous for. Considered ‘off the beaten track’ by most, this isn’t a place that a lot of people have heard of, and that it what makes a stay here special. You have the opportunity to relive the history of the family and the region as you explore the lovingly restored sections of the palace and acquaint yourself with the land and its people through interesting village walks and excursions. A particularly unique experience drive is to the expansive salt pans at sunset and another is to take a morning walk around the village accompanied by Mahiraj Singh, which allows you the opportunity to meet the locals, including the village potter and shop owner.